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Monday, October 08, 2007

Reply me immediately

From: MrsLisa Tambi -

Dear Beloveth,

I am Lisa Tambi from Sierra Leone,presently taking refuge in Benin Republic. I came across your contact via the internet while searching for a trust worthy and honest person that will help me and my daugther.My late husband was a loving,caring and harworking businessman who died unfortunately in an Air crash along with his foreign business partner.

Before the sudden death of my beloved husband and father of my daughter,my late husband and his Foreign Business Partner intended to establish a business in the united states of America with the sum of $12 million united states dollars which he deposited with a Finance Company,but unfortunately they both died in an Aircrash on their way to Kenya before the proposed venture.

Following my husband's death, his family members are telling me that I am not entitled to his property(Assets and money)because I am a woman and my offspring is a female as well ,according to some barbaric traditional laws in Sierra Leone (Africa)which doesn't permit a woman to inherit a man's property,but I and my child will be cartered for by my late husband family,which means that they will take over the management of his business and other properties.

Unfortunately to this wicked family members,the $12 million united states dollars which my late husband intended to use in establishing a business in the United States was deposited with a finance Company unknown to his family .His Lawyer and I are the only people aware of this money,so I have discussed this matter with the lawyer that I want this money to be kept finally from the knowledge of this wicked family and he agreed but said that I need to look for a foreigner to claim the funds from the Finance Company as the beneficiary.
According to my late husband's lawyer,the best way to secure this money is to transfer this money to another bank account for safe-keeping,later it will be used for business establishment with your advice and assistance,which I will also come over to your country.
At this point,I and the lawyer needs your sincere assistance in receiving this funds as the beneficiary.
As soon as I hear your positive response,However,I and the lawyer has agreed to give you 15% of the money as a reward for your sincere assistance and the remaining 85% of the money will be for me and my daughter.
In your response to this request,Please include your full names,phone numbers for easy communication.
Your Sincerely,
Mrs. Lisa Tambi