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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Dear Beloved

From: khalidzterraes -

Dear Beloved

Assalamu alaikum!!!

My contacting you is based on trust. I have seen war and I have seen peace, I have seen riches and I have seen people die of hunger on daily bases. And I am quite certain that life is vanity; the only life worth living is a life of service to the almighty One God, most merciful, most compassionate and most benevolent. This is the reason for my present decision based absolutely on taqwa.

I am Khalidz the only surviving child of the Gen. Abdulaziz Shihab, one of the UNITA rebel leaders of Angola. My late father fought the agonnizing protacted Angolan civil war from the very scratch, and was incharge of selling diamonds and other solid minerals of the rebel stronghood area, as well as purchasing arms and ammunitions in return. This position made him very rich and powerful. So powerful that the late Dr. Jonas Malheiro Savimbi the head and founder of the UNITA guerillas felt threatened that he planned to get rid of my father.

As much as I can remember, one Sunday I was away with my mother when a handful of soldiers onbviously sent by the late Dr. Jonas Malheiro Savimbi went to our house and killed my father, my two sisters and brother. They also executed everyone that beared the same surname with us in my village, thus making sure that we were completely wiped out the surface of the earth. An aid loyal to my father met with me and my mother and sneaked us to Zambia a neighbouring country, from where we travelled to London, My mother died of extreme cancer a month ago here and here am I on my sick diagnosed of HIV 1 & 2 i.e. full blown AIDS and I have a few months to live. Three months ago my late mother took me to the Bank Finance Company where my late father deposited large sum of money ($2.5m) he acquired during the war, and I took possesion. I do not want this money to get into wrong hands by means of intestate laws.

My late father probably did not do thing right and fate has dealt with us decisively, but lying here on my dying bed I am determined to do thing right to enable me die in a state of Taahir, by passing this fund on to a God fearing person not minding his or her religion or an Organisation that will use it to progate Peace to the glory of the almighty One God, take care of the weaks of the earth ( the widows, old and ophans) . If you know and believe in your heart that you stand up for a good course and bring glory to the name of Allah, distinquish yourself in this world full of evil and corruption and use this money just as I have said, then get in touch with me immediately forwarding the following details.

(1) Your full contact detail
(2) Your telephone and fax number(s)
(3) Your Date and place of birth
(4) Your Occupation

So that I can forward to the security company to contact you, Time is of the essence, because it is imperative that you pull this fund to your bank account now that I am still alive to avoid eminent confrontation and refusal by the Finance company when I am gone.

Note: My mother told me before she died that my father did not disclose to the security comapnt that he was depositing money with the fear that they might run away with it, he deposited it as FAMILY TREASURE, So they dont know the content is in a TRUCK BOX which I only have the UNLOCK CODE.

Awaiting your immediate reply.

Yours in faith,


Ahora tambi n puedes acceder a tu correo Terra desde el m vil.

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