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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Dear stewart I Need Your Assistance

From: isaaci idumusu -

Dear stewart

Please forgive me for this impromptu mail, since i do not know anything about you,
apart from the fact that i was told that with proper arrangement you can help me.

My name is Isaac Idumusu 20yrs old from darfur, sudan. i have a little brother 5yrs
his name Ali , my dad is Mr. Ibrahim Idumusu, he buys and sells antiquities and
precious stones. he was killed among many in darfur that has dead so far, the day the
rebels came to our house shut my dad and his friend on 13th Jan.2007, my brother,step
mother and i, we manage to escape,my stepmother was later kill when we were escaping by bad people after raping her. my brother and i run to Kutum refugee camp in northern darfur sudan, before the death of my dad he told me and stepmum long before his death that he keep two(2) boxes in Provident Insurance and Security Company Ghana, all valid documents with me now. he said one box have inside antiquities and some precious stones, gold, about 43ft long snake skin, pictures and a horn he bought from kenya. the second box have inside cash ($5.4million USD) he made when oil was found in the family land his own share of the money that was paid by the oil company, he put some of the money in one the box and deposit these boxes in a security company since the war is getting worse and decleared it as family properties so the security company or anyone will not know what is inside without the code, which i have with me in the refugee camp here in accra ghana. so nobody can open
the boxes. so am looking for dad friend in your country to stand as our Late dad partner to recieve the boxes and invest the cash for us, since it was the wish of our dad that this money be invested in foreign country because endless war in sudan.

His friend(Mr. Mark Henning) that he has in mind that made him going into this bond
with the security company that foriegn partner to recieve the boxes for proper handling of the content inside to ensure bright future for his family just incase of eventuality,i could
not get him, every attempt in contacting him in your country proved abortive, since i lost the contact it most have fall from the bag, considering the way we manage to escape the bad people, it was in the leather bag together with the documents of the deposited boxes. it was when i was trying to find out if the foreigners giving us first aid can help me locate Mr. Mark that was when i got your contact.

if you can help get Mr. Mark, i will be willing to give 2%($108,000USD) of the total cash, and will i give you 20%($10,80,000USD) if you think i can really trust you to help us, then I will add the 2% for you in case there is any expenses incur during this your assistence, that is if there will be any, but i understand from the document with me that everything has be paid. but i will not share anything from the other box with you.currently we are in a refugee camp in accra ghana. we are among the 300 refugee that where shipped to ghana by the AU Army when the camp in darfur was becoming over populated and every neccessary documents is with me for Mr. Mark take full possession of the boxes on our behalf. i await your quick response to know our fate. My little brother ali is my main reason for taking this step, I don't want him to die or something bad to happen to him is my only family now.

Thanks very much

Isaac Idumusu
Next of Kin

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