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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Good day

From: Mary Poll -

Good day,
I know this letter will come to you when you list expected it due to the fact that there is no pre-information in advance, but due to theurgency attached to it.
As introduction, I am the only surviving daughter from my mothers side to late Stanford Poll, who died on Alaska Airlines Flight 261 in January 31,2000.Reference:
Most unfortunately for me I came from a polygamous family and a student but out of college because of this problem. During my fathers lifetime,he was actively engaged in MINING AND SALES OF DIAMOND, from where he made his enormous wealth. Prior to my father's death, he left a (WILL) with his lawyer, which was made available to us upon Observation and conclusion of burial befitting my father. And as the eldest daughter most of his properties were willed to me, most importantly is the sumof US$10.5M {Ten Million Five Hundred Thousand U.S Dollars} which he deposited in a private security finance company, this is also among the inheritance from my deceased father.
Since introduction of this (WILL) all my fathers relatives have not been at peace with me, they were not happy how my father assigned all the enormous wealth to me. They have systematically and forcefully collected from me all documents of the properties belonging to my late father. Not including a huge amount of money in one of the banks in LONDON which they could not withdraw due to a court order restraining either party from making withdrawals pending the determination of a litigation filled by my father's relations challenging the (WILL) Now since I am too hard for them my (relatives) to subdue, they were making attempts to kill me so that nobody can stop them from carrying out their act,as they have succeeded in killing my mother and my immediate junior sister last year.
In fact the fear and warning of killing has griped me so much that I could not bear it any more, hence I ran away to a college mate whose father is a military man, with advice of my father's lawyer to safeguard my life and this US$10.5 million that was not known to them. Considering my age and inexperience in business and investment procedures, please Iwant you to help me in taking good custody of this funds and invest it in a profitable venture in a country where there is Economic and political stability, secondly I want you to assist me buy a house in your country because my plan is to leave here and relocate to another country where my relatives will never find me again because if they know that i have colllected this money they might begin there search for me again.

If you assent to help me in this regard,Send to me your full names, your complete address and telephone number and I will make them available to my father's lawyer who has asked me to locate any of my extended relatives from my mothers side and have such person stand on my behalf to collect the money since those at my fathers side are at war with me because of my fathers properties and money and he will endorse the you as the receiver of the money. After which I shall then discuss what I will give you in return for your assistance. And you will be required to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with me upon which you shall proceed to the official premises of the Security Company to take delivery of the funds for further investment.
Please put into consideration my in capabilities in some respect, therefore I would prefer all correspondence to be through Email which is more secret and confidential, as I can not use my school mate fathers telephone to avoid jeopardizing my stay there. Every document concerning these funds is secured, upon request it will be sent to you. Should you not be willing to collaborate with me in this venture, please inform me urgently to enable me look for another person.
Thanks in anticipation to your positive response.

Yours truly,Ms Mary Poll
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