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Saturday, October 06, 2007


From: Martin John Freeman -

I pray my email meets you in good health,as for myself I'm confined to my hospital bed.My names are Martin John Freeman,a business mogul.I have been sick for sometime now,I have esophageal cancer presently the doctors say I have little time left,Honestly everyone will surely die one day,but how you pass through this world is what matters,I have been very harsh towards my fellow human,probably because i had all the money I ever wanted.
I have to admit I have not lived very well,on the verge of death now I have nothing else but to pray God accepts my soul.I have been distributing funds to charity organizations as part of my good welfare to the less priviledge,something I could have done while I was still in good health.Due to my present condition,I cant do this anymore,I need you thats if I can trust you ,to help me distribute my remaining money to war torn countries,third world countries and religious organizations,I pray God uses this accept my soul when I am finally gone.
Martin John Freeman