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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Request You As My Investment PartnerAgent

From: From Andrew Daley -

Dear sir/madam,

Request You As My Investment Partner/Agent

I write to request you to assist me invest in your country. In my belief that you will not be offended by this message, this opportunity came up because I worked as special assistant to Mr. Alec G. Latham owner of defunct Special Blend Ltd UK who had some crude oil deal with a certain oil industry in Panapar Danau, Brunei-Darussalam. He had already secured his share secretly sealed and deposited with a financial institution but few years ago, due to very bad ill health “Heart Bypass Surgery” that took his life in an NHS hospital in UK, the security coded deposit has been left unclaimed and he had no children to do this. Further to this, I resolved to solicit your cooperation to present you as the anticipated “Foreign Investment Partner/Agent” to move the funds to you for disbursement and or investment. This is because I am the only one who is recognized as his official aide but I know that I need to use the help of a foreigner to claim the funds, which runs into several million dollars.

The planned areas of investment include real estate, stocks, bonds, financing and any other profitable ventures you may advise or have experience in. We will discuss issues which include (A) M.O.U to be signed between you and I (B) Mode of securing the release of funds to you (C) Mode of disbursement /sharing between us Etc. Please should you be able and ready to help do include your information such as follows:

Your Full name & Address
Your Secure Telephone
Your previous or current profession
Age or ID
Please disregard this letter if you find it offensive. I look forward to your earliest reply.
Thanks and God bless you.
Andrew Daley
103 Wilkinson Avenue, Little Lever
Bolton - BL3 1QP EnglandPhone/ Fax: + 44 870 912 7871


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