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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Need help from Iraq

From: Ali Ibrahim Habib -


I am contacting you via your email address to keep our discussions private and confidential.

I am Ali Ibrahim Habib the only son of late Mr. Hamzeh A. Habib a retired Industrialist/Businessman who served on appointment in the Ministry of Foreign Affair here in Iraq before he was killed by a bomb blast in the rising sectarian violence since the American invasion that led to the death of former President Saddam Hussein.

Due to my privileged education background, i have being asked by my mother to solicit your assistance to receive our money lodged by my late father before his assassination. You will help us receive the money from a European country in other to facilitate our relocation to a safe location outside Iraq.

My fathers relations have all shared all that was left behind by my late father. Fortunately for myself, my only sister and mother, our relatives are not aware of the money in Europe which is the reason why my mother wants you to partner with us so we can introduce you as our Next of Kin and beneficiary to the amount.

The money is in total of US$16 Million and you are going to receive the first part of the money which is US$6 Million necessary to facilitate our relocation outside Iraq and there after you will proceed to collect the balance US$10 Million which would be used for Investment purpose necessary to support our life and education.

If you are not in a position to assist then i will advice that you RECOMMEND & INTRODUCE SOMEONE TO ME WHO YOU DEEM FIT AND CAPABLE TO ASSIST US.
I await your prompt reply.