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Sunday, October 21, 2007

trusting you for business joint venture

From: Gilbert Timothy -

From Gilbert And Sister.
Dakar, Senegal.
West Africa.
Dear Respectful.
Warm greetings to you and your family in the name of ourlord Jesus Christ. I
introduce my self to you with all faith, trust and hope you will understand
to assist us not to betray us at the end. I was 20 Years old boy when my
father died in a gold mine in MENDE, Republic of Serria Leone .He was into
legal gold minning,he has succeded in saving the sum of Three million,five
hundred thousand United State Dollars.USD($3.500,000) in a leading bank in dakar senegal for security reason during the war and political problem in our
Since the death of our father our step mother has been trying to kill us,
she has been given us a lot of problem and she have collected every thing
from us and now she still need the deposit certificate to claim this fund
but I can't give this to her because is all we have to leave with. I am 22
years while my sister Lora is 18 years old of age we still need to go to
school and have a better education and start a new life. Our step mother
knows that our dad has such money but she don't know where exactly the fund
is been deposited.
Right now we are hiding in a refugee camp in dakar senegal. Our father used
my name 'Gilbert Timothy' as the next of kin to the deposited fund. And we ran
away with the deposit document,so nobody have access to the money now except
me and my younger sister Lora. We need help from you to asist us to transfer
this money to your country for investment and who will be sincere to invite
us to his country without cheating us or doing bad to us on my arrival with
my sister,
we are willing to offer you 15% of the total sum after the transfer to your cuntry as compensation for your effort/input.Please mail
me urgently to know your stands before looking for help elsewhere, you're
the first person we are contacting in this issue. Please permit me to ask,
can you honestly help us as your own people and can we completely trust
you? We are kindly requesting for this vital information from you if you
agreed to assist us out of our problem:
(1) Your full name (2) Your Personal telephone number and fax.I will also
want you to tell me more about yourself in your reply to my letter to you.
Thank you for your signify interest to assist me and my sister. Hoping to
hear from you soon. May God bless you and preserve our friendship in good
Best regards
gilbert and sister,