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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Please call me

From: duke williams -

Dear Sir
i am looking for someone cooperation in building a
Tourist Hotel or RealEstate in your country. I am
sorry if this is not in line with your business. I
need anexperienced person like you to assist me
to set up, develop the project. On the resumption
of the project, you will be made a Director for the
role and theassistance you rendered.You will also
be entitled to apercentage agreed between me
( DR Williams DUKE) and you before the commencement
of the project. because of my doctor work, However
I shall give you more information on this project and
the money. because my late father deposit the money
with a security company in Ghana west Africa, and the
money is in two trunk box that he wanted to use the
money to organize the estate and Hotel development
business that in case something happen to him, thet I
should contact a professional who knows about the
investment so he can use the money to organize the
business or invest the fund in any other business my
foreign partner deem fit to invest the fund. I contacted
the security company to find out if the trunk box was
still in their vault and I was told that it is still there and
the instruction was that I the first son should come with
a foreign partner to retrieve the consignment. On the
certificate of deposit, the box was deposited as family
treasure so the security companydoes not know that
the box contains money and gold rather contains family
treasure. On this I am contacting you to come to ghana
so we can retrieve the consignment from the security
company and put the money into any good investment
you deem fit as instructed by my late fathe Please
contact me at my private mail thanks and God bless
Best Regards
DR Williams DUKE

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L'email della prossima generazione? Puoi averla con la Nuova Yahoo! Mail