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Tuesday, March 13, 2007


From: Harris Blessing -

Mr.Harris Blessing.

ATTN: Sir /Madam

I know this will come to you as a surprise but never mind, I got your
Contact in my search for a reputable and trust worthy

person/Company, Who can stand confidently with me in this successful
business? Arrangement. Before I proceed, I will like to

introduce my humble self To you.

I am the Auditor General of a Government Accredited Oil Company here in
Nigeria. Certainly, the prompting of this letter to you is

anchored on my strong desire to solicit your sincere understanding and
co-operation in this Transaction that would certainly boost the

financial stand of both parties involved when completed. As a matter of
fact, we want to transfer to overseas (US$ 152,000.000.00

USD) One Hundred and fifty two million Unite States Dollars) from the Oil
Company's operating Bank account here in Africa, I want you

to quietly Look for a reliable and honest person who will be capable and fit
to Provide either an existing bank account or to set up a

new Bank A/C Immediately to receive this money, even an empty account can
serve to Receive this money, as long as you will remain

honest to me till the end Of this important transaction, trusting in you and
believing in God That you will Never let me down either now

or in the near future.

In all honesty, during the course of our auditing I discovered a Floating
fund of the above mentioned amount in account opened with

the Bank in 1990 and since then; nobody has operated on this account again,
After going through some old files in the records I

discovered that the Money in the account was mapped out for the
refurbishment of the Oil Company's Machineries. Meanwhile, Mr.

Magnus Leon, the President of the Oil company was the Only signatory to the
account, but unfortunately he died after a brief Illness in

1993. And no other person knows about this account or any Thing concerning
it, and the account has no other beneficiary. And my

investigation proved to me that Mr. Magnus Leon, until his death Had wanted
to siphoned that money into his personal account in New

York Hence he did not disclose the operating devises of the account to the
Board of Trustees.

I am only contacting you in this regard, based on the fact that you are A
foreigner because, this money can only be approved to any

foreigner Who can present all documents that will prove that he/she is the
Next of Kin/Beneficiary to the account base on the fact that

Mr. Magnus Leon The owner of this account is a foreigner, and the money can
only be approved into a foreign bank Account.

Therefore, if you are capable of handling this transaction with me, lets
Make the necessary arrangement for the hitch-free transfer of

this Money to any safe bank account that you may nominate, on a share
Percentage bases. However, we shall sign a binding

agreement, to bind us Together as partners in this regard.

I am revealing this to you with believe in God that you will never let Me
down in this business, you are the first and the only person

that I am contacting for this business, so please reply urgently and
indicate Your sincere interest, so that I can inform you on the

modalities Already mapped out for the hitch-free transfer of the money out
of Africa here. I will require your direct phone and fax

number for easy contacting you I need your full co-operation to make this
work adequately. Upon your Positive response and once I

am convinced that you are capable and Willing to meet up with the
nstructions of the top bank official that is deeply involved with me

in this business, I shall commence actions Immediately to process the
payment of the money in your favor as the Beneficiary With my

influence and the position of the bank official we can transfer This money
to any reliable foreign bank account, which you can provide.

I am looking forward in anticipation to hearing from you soon as Possible.

Yours truly,
Mr.Harris Blessing.

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