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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

From your sister

From: Judith David -

Dear Sir / Ma,

Good day to you in the name of our Lord. Please permit me to use this medium to thank you once more for given me this avenue to explain my problem to you. I will like to introduce myself so that you could understand and comprehend my point clearly.

My name is Miss Judith Abdulrasak Makoulou. I'm here with my younger brother David. We are from Congo Democratic in Africa.

Presently we are in Cotonou Benin Republic also in Africa as political refugees, as a result of war in my country. Which left to the death of our dearly parents. I was still a student and David too, in my country's high school. Where I was studying Medicine while David was studying Mechanical Engineering. I'm 26 years old on the 26th of march 2007 while David is 23.

Please we need your concerns and assistance because the war has claimed the lives of both my father and mother leaving us alone in this world.

Before the incident occured as if my father foresaw it, he used my name as the Beneficiary and deposited some money in a Security Finance House here in Cotonou Benin Republic. Which valued $9 million united states dollars in the box.

Please what I want from you is your assistance. And if also possible your presence here too in this country Benin Republic to help us settle the Finance Security Company, and to make a successful arragement for the release and delivery of the inheritance box to you, so that we can come over to your country and stay with you for some time to enable us continue with our education there in your country, while you invest the money in any profitable venture that you really know very well.

But if you couldn't be able to come down here then, you will kindly send us your information such as: Your full name, your home address, phone, and if also available with
your fax numbers.

So that I will go to the Security Finance House and submit your full information in their office. I will advise them that you are the new Beneficiary to replace me, so that the release and delivery of my father's inheritance with their company will be registered on your name and address for delivery.

These will enable their company to proceed for the release and delivery of this inheritance with their company to you, on your full name and information, as my new beneficiary, on my behalf.

Please, I will like to inform you that; You will promise us that you are going to accept us as member of your family by taking us to your country, rearrange a better school where I and my younger brother will continue our education for our better future living.

After your assurance reponse to this letter then I will go ahead with you, and gives you more information in this regard, and this is the camp female quater's telephone number: +22997133802, please when you call around tell the receiver to call Judith Makoulou in the female ward for you.

Awaits to hear from you at your earliest time. Thanks, and remain blessed.

Yours faithfully,
Judith A. Makoulou.

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