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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Good Day:Sir/Ma

From: Jane Williams -

Good Day:Sir/Ma

My name is Jane Williams from Monrovia the capital city of Liberia .my
father was a miner in one of the biggest mining company in Monrovia ,my
father was assassinated by the rebels of Charles Taylor,after the death
of my father our family lawyer brought the will my father wrote on
ground, the will was stated that i am the next of kin to my late
father.he also wrote that he deposited Two boxes in the security
company in GHANA .the rebels were still looking for us every where in Monrovia ,we
manage to escape down to Ghana with my family,with the help of a white
woman who was a farmer in a remote village in Monrovia. according to
the document it was stated that contents of the trunk boxes are Gold and
Diamond,including huge amount of uds17.5 million dollars. we are living
in the bujubora refugee camp in the republic of Ghana. please sir,my
family want you to be the beneficiary of these Two boxes, because my we
can not make claim of the consignment base on our status and we have
all details documents regards thed deposite of the consignment with
security company in Ghana,my family has made up 30% for your
assistance, before we commence on this transaction i would want us to go into
partnership agreement and if only we could meet up with the change of
ownership in your name,because we have to change all relavant document from my
name to you name as the new beneficrary as fast as possible every
things is going to be done in the Ghan high court of justice .

Thereis one of my father's friend who is a general in the army attach to united nation
(UN)who promised to deliver the Two boxes at your door step in your
country but i did not disclosed to him that there is money in one of
the boxes i only told him that they are Diamond and Gold inside the
boxes,because he knows my late father as giant miners in Monrovia the
capital city of Liberia , Thanks for every detail of my application to
You.anxiously and anxiety for reply.via email;

God bless you i hope to here from soon.

Best Regard,
Jane Williams