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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Confidential Business proposal

From: Yu-Fung Hwang -

Attn: Sir,


I am contacting you to seek your support and cooperation whereby [you and I]
can work together as business partners to earn great mutual benefits.

I am Yu-Fung Hwang, former aid to Andreas Schranner, a victim of 25TH JULY,
2000 CONCORDE PLANE CRASH [Flight AF4590 ] who died with his entire family

aboard. Here is the detailed fact about the death for your confirmation:

Before the death of the investor (Andreas Schranner) I was mandated to
plans for the investment of US$18 Million in the Caribbean; but the plan was

consequently aborted by his sudden death. Currently the fund is awaiting final
transfer and investment. The fund was deposited under trust and I have the

power of authority to recommend the bona fide beneficiary of the funds to the
bank since I cannot make personal claims to the money by virtue of my status.

However, I am the only one who has access to the funds and therefore seek your
support whereby I can confidentially move the funds into your bank account for

personal investment.

Acknowledging the fact that this is a capital-intensive project by its nature,
I am therefore willing to offer you 30% of the US$18 Million as compensation.

I have also designated 10% for all expenses consequent upon this transfer,
while you will hold the balance 60% in your custody pending my arrival and


If my proposal is workable, kindly indicate interest in a return email to me
via my confidential email address:

Yu-Fung Hwang