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Saturday, March 10, 2007


From: John Williams -

Dear Sir,

I am Engr. John Williams, chief auditor, audit department of
fund release order in ECOBANK NIGERIA PLC Bode Thomas Branch
Lagos office, I know the letter might come to
you as surprise, but take it like your own deal. Mr. Eric
Zimmerman, from United State of America (USA)executed
contract through federal ministry of aviation here in
Nigeria, the contract worth of (US$13, 500,000)but on the
process of transferring the money to him, he
died with his family in earthquake disaster that occurred in
Indonesia (Asia). Meanwhile, his money has to be signed in
my office before I will give order to the ECOBANK NIGERIA
PLC for final endorsement of his money. Nobody knows what is
going on except I and two of my workers here in the bank;
this is the man's information:
(1) Contract sum: US$13, 500,000
(2) Contract number: FMA/CVNC/FGNA/7-XX2. 99/2000.
You will act like the beneficiary of this fund, I will send
to you the whole relevant documents that required in this
transaction immediately you accept to co-operate with me.
and i will inform you the proceedure to complete this
transaction successfully,

First i want you to take this personally and maintain the
confidentiality, if you can assist on this let me know so
that i will discuss the percentages with you and inform you
the step we need to complete this transaction within 10
working days.

let me know if you are interested to proceed with me,i am
going on retirement very soon and i am hopeful if we can
conlude on this i will channel my funds in area of good
investment outside the country, this transaction must be
between me and you only, i do not want it to be discussed
with third party. send me your reply immediately.

Best Regards.

John Williams