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Sunday, October 07, 2007



From: Attorney Consult & Co.
46-50 Sunny Gardens Rd.
Hendon, London. NW4 1RX UK.
Tel/fax: 44-701 1139694


I am Barrister James Chang Hua . I am from Australia but lives and work here in the UK. This email may come to you as a surprise because we do not know each other.But I am assuring you that it is a good one and it is from my heart . I have made some verification about your person hence,I decided to contact you for both of us to work together for a common goal.

One of my client who died with all members of his family in a Ghastly motor accident here in April 2003 is sharing the same surname with you. Although he is not your relation but as you are sharing the same surname with him,it will be very much easier for me to present you as his relation / next of kin.

Based on this,I have decided to contact you to enable you to assist me in claiming the sum of $30M USD {Thirty Million United States Dollars only}. My late client has deposited this amount in a security/finance company in Spain before his untilmely death in April 2003 . Because I was his personal Attorney,I have all the vital documents to this fund deposited in the Finance house .Since his demise,I have tried through many sources if I can get hold of any member of my late client family but to no avail.

My late client did not leave any next of kin when making this deposit.He was an Engineer / Contractor with Shell Development Company UK.Therefore,I am asking you to join hand with me to safeguard this money so that we can use it for our own investment in your country as no one will ever come for it anymore.Also,it is important because at the end of this year, the finance house in Spain will seize such unclaimed deposits with them as stipulated in the Deposit agreement they had with my late client.I have all the documents to present which will back you up as my late client associate and next of kin and this is going to be carried out in a most legal manner. Please this is going to be based on absolute trust and high confidentiality must be maintained.

Therefore,I would like you to call me on my direct tel number above or send your acceptance reply to the email address above to enable me shed more light on this subject matter and to tell you what procedures to take to actualize this fruitful transaction.

I await your urgent response.

Yours Faithfully,

Barrister James Chang Hua ESQ {LLB