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Sunday, October 07, 2007


From: mike kamokai -

Attn: Sir,
First I must solicit your strictest confidence in this transaction, and I pray that my contacting you will be given genuine approval considering the fact that we don't know each other before.
I wish to use this opportunity to introduce myself to you. I am mike kamokai, I am the first son of Chief Joseph Kamokai who was the former paramount ruler of Saradungu Village of Sierra-Leone, my father was attacked by the R.U.F rebel on his way to Lucia a northern part of Sierra-Leone and my father sustained injuries and he died three day. Before he died he revealed to me about the two boxes containing money This money is Eighteen Million ($18) Million US DOLLARS, Which he deposited with a security company in Ghana for safekeeping. I am contacting because my father had wrote an M.O.U with the security company mandating them not to hand over these funds to my mother and I, unless we present a foreign investor who will manage and invest the fund on behalf of his family in a develop foreign country. To this end we want you to be our investor trustee who will make a good arrangement for a joint business investment on our behalf in your country, to be our Adviser/Manager for all the investment plans. My mother and I have agreed that 20% of the total amount will be for your effort and another 10% to cover all the expenses that may incur during the business transaction, Last, I urge you to keep this transaction strictly confidential as no one knows our where about.
Presently my mother and I are here in Ghana to notify the security company of the claims, and we are staying in the refugee camp. Therefore I want you to advise us on how best we can invest this money in your country, because my father never wanted the fund to be invested in Africa to avoid suspicions, and due to market instabilities coupled with economic and political situation facing Africa.
Please as you show your willingness, forward to us your full name, address and Tel/Fax number, my private emails earnestly awaiting your response. On the receipt of your contact details we shall present you name to the security company as our appointed investor trustee.
Thanks. May God bless you as you assist us, you can call on my number +233-245517826.
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