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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Trust and Cooperation

From: Kudoh Malick -

Good day Sir/madam

Please permit me to introduce my self to you, I wish to invest in your country, I am Malick Kudoh a native of Sierra-Leone, But i am presently now in west Africa Ghana to claim my heritage.

I need your assistance,to assist us to receive my late Father"s consignment which he deposited here in West Africa Ghana with Diamond security company, where top Government officials keep there family belongings for safe keeping .

I have I have a consignment box worth $20million USD, deposited by my late father Dr. Bernard Kudoh here with a Diamond Security company here in Accra Ghana.

I want you to stand as a trusty to the consignment as my late father foreign beneficiary to contact the board of Diamond Security Company for them to ship the consignment to you at you door step, But sir if you can come down to Africa to see the consignment with your eyes to be sure of the transaction you are involving your self into.Before you can finally direct the Security Company to the home address where you will take delivery of the Consignment box. them on the address to deliver to, i think that will be nice because of the high rate of scam in Africa.

Sir because of the high rate of scam, this World wide. We will need to enter a binding contract, indicating your percentage after you claim and keep all the Funds, until we finally come over to your Country for our Investment program.

We wish to offer 25% of the total fund for your assistance and 5% for any expenses you will incur in the cause of this transaction, including all your telephone call charges.

My late Father was an owner of a small diamond corporation in my home town Sierra-Leone. And died as a result of Power struggle in Sierra-Leone Government, It was indeed a Political struggle. Sir all necessary documents covering this fund, including the document which Diamond Security Company issued to my late Father, as the depositor and owner of the Consignment box are in my possession.

Sir please do get back to me if you are interested, so that we can proceed immediately on this transaction. please you can kindly reach me through this email:

God Bless you.

Malick Kudoh
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