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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Confirm Receipt Immediately

From: wurujterraes -

From the desk of:

Mr. Richmond W. Johnson,
Director of Operations,
AV Diplomatic Global Services Ltd.
Plot 3 AV Security Complex,
Victoria Island,
Lagos, Nigeria.

Dear Friend,

It is indeed with a heart of hope that I am contacting
you in the context below. I am appealing to you to
treat with utmost secrecy and absolute

I am Mr. Richmond W. Johnson, a Nigerian, 52 years married
with 4 children, two boys and two girls. I am the
Director of Operations of the above stated company. It
may interest you to know that deciding to carry out
this transaction was not an easy task for me, as I had
to ensure that whoever I would deal with in regard to
this must be of high moral estate and sound

I joined this company 25 years ago as an office
assistant and have grown to this status out of hard
work and total commitment to service. I have since
been watching with meticulous precision how African
Presidents, top government personnels, Business
Men/Women, Contractors and Merchants uses this company
to move and transfer huge sums of money to their
partners, agents, representatives or family friends

These customers do bring the funds here in cash for
further shipment under a diplomatic coverage or for
the company to use their account to transfer such fund
abroad. We still have some unclaimed consignments
within our custody belonging to some of these
customers most of whom are now late.

Most of these customers do keep their dealings a very
top secrets and for this reason, they do not let
people nor their family members know about it to avoid
exposure, they keep the deposit documents top secret.

Our company management since the inception of this new
year 2007 has decided that any of the relatives to
this dead depositors who come for claims of these
consignments without the documents but could be able
to meet the required procedure needed to confirm
relationship with the deceased will be allowed to have
the consignment on demand.

Based on the above condition given by our company, I
am contacting you to be of great assistance in
claiming one of the consignments deposited by our late
customer Mr. Andreas Schranner, a German contractor
who died in the ill-fated Air France Concorde plane
AF4590, which crashed into the Hotelissimo on Monday,
24 July 2000.
Please note that all efforts to trace the family or
any of his relatives failed and nobody will ever come
for this consignment.

The consignment is registered with Code No.
02AV/53DGX/SE908/05 and contains the total sum of
US$17,800,000.00M (Seventeen Million Eight Hundred
Thousand United States Of America Dollars Only).

This claim could only be achieved with the assistance
of a foreigner or a foreign company irrespective of
the difference in surnames and nationalities. How you
will be of assistance is simple. I will have to fill
your information as the next of kin in the deposit
file, so that you will be presented as the

I am fully aware of your position and reputation and
will do everything possible to protect your image in
this transaction. Be assured of no mistakes as I am
the director of operations and all the process will
have to pass through my table for approval.

Upon conclusion, I suggest that since we are all going
to play important roles to make this a success, you
will take 40% of the total sum while the balance of
60% is for me. I will direct you in due time where to
transfer my own part of the fund.

You should provide immediately the following

1. Your complete names
2. Your private phone numbers
3. Your private fax numbers
4. Your current contact address

On receipt of the above requested information, I will
explain comprehensively the whole transaction and how
to make it successful.

I anticipate your urgent and favorable response. Endeavor
to send your reply to this address for
safe delivery of reply.

Best regards
Mr. Richmond W.Johnson

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