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Sunday, October 07, 2007


From: Nadia Adams -


I am Miss. Nadia Adams Joseph, 17yrs, the only daughter of late Mr.
Joseph Adams. Before the death of my father he disclosed to me that he kept
a huge amount of money in a truck box and deposited it as family values
into a Security company here in Abidjan and he instructed them to transfer
the truck box to there branch office in Europe. Because of political
problems here, my late father strictly instructed the company to never
release this consignment to me, rather to any foreign trustee of my choice.

So I want you to please assist me stand as my nominated foreign trustee
so that the security company will release the consignment to you and assist
me relocate to your country to continue a new life and further my
education. The amount in the Security Company is (12.5 million Us Dollars).
This money was meant for the importation of machineries for his coffee
processing plant for a company which he wanted to establish in Abidjan
・Cote d'Ivoire. But since I have no experience or interest in this
type of
business he advised me to seek a reliable and trust worthy business partner
who will assist me to invest the funds in any meaningful lucrative business
in your country because this is my only hope in life.

You shall be entitled to a significant portion of the fund which will be
deliberated upon your acceptance to this offer.

Thanks for your kind attention and expected positive response.

Yours Sincerely,

Nadia Admas

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