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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Graca Machel Mandelavery Urgent

From: ndrallencartagenaes -

South Africa
2nd Oct., 2007.


Good day Pinheiro.I knows you will be amazed to read from me, but
please consider this letter as a request from a widow in need of your
urgent assistance. I am Mrs. Dame Graca Machel, the wife of the late
President of the Republic of Mozambique, Samora Moises Machel, founder
and President of the Foundation for Community Development and the
President of the United Nations´ Research Commission on the impact of
armed conflict on infancy and former Minister of Education for
Mozambique. On behalf of my only son Antonio Machel and my only
daughter Josina Machel, I have decided to solicit for your assistance
to transfer the sum of USD$18.7Million,(Eighteen Million, seven hundred
thousand United States Dollars only) to your personal or company’s
account, for an overseas financial projects. This money was part of the
fund secured by my late husband when he was still in power. As the
wife, he relied on me, and I was the only one he told about this money
in case of any unforeseen circumstances. This fear was actualized on
the 20th of October 1986 when he died in an air crash (May his soul
rest in peace).This fund is Presently deposited in a Private Security
and Finance firm here in Johannesburg South Africa in favor of my son,
Antonio. Though I am currently remarried to Mr. Nelson Mandela, the
former president of South Africa as the 3rd wife and due to the fact
that the senior wives arm making things very difficult for me, my
children are not staying with me, they are presently residing as Asylum
seekers also here in South Africa and the financial laws of South
Africa does not give them some certain financial rights, as a result we
decided not to invest this fund here in South Africa. Also, i will not
like my new husband Nelson Mandela to know about this money as this is
the only hope of survival for my two children. For more details on how
we can achieve the success of this transaction, please do contact my
son Antonio immediately on email: you can as
well telephone him on his Telephone number + 27 720 291 924 as he will
inform you of the entire procedure to follow. For your assistance we
have agreed to offer you part per cent of the total sum, while other
will be for our investment in your country and three per cent will be
set aside to take care of all related expenses. Your urgent response
will be highly appreciated. Do also remember to maintain the
confidentiality that this transaction demands.
Yours Truly,
Mrs. Graca Machel-Mandela, (For the family