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Saturday, August 18, 2007

FROMNawal Kareem

From: nawal kareem -

FROM:Nawal Kareem Dearest ONE Assalam alaikum and may the peace of gracious Allah be with you,please I have a problem which I needed a help from you,I have decided to write you for help. I have a proposal for you this however is not mandatory nor will I in any manner compel you to honour against your will.I am in a state of delinma and your profile pushed me to send you this mail, I am Nawal Kareem, 20 years old and the only daughter of my late parents Mr and Mrs.Ibrahim Kareem. My father was a highly reputable business magnet (acocoa merchant) who operated in the capital of Ivory coast during his days. It is sad to say that he passed away mysteriously in France during one of his business trips abroad on 12th.Febuary 2005.Though his sudden death was linked or rather suspected to have been masterminded by an uncle of his who travelled with him at that time. But Allah knows the truth! My mother died when I was just 4 years old, and since then my father took me so special. Before his death on February 12 2005 he called the secretary who accompanied him to the hospital and told him that he has the sum of eight million, seven hundred thousand United State Dollars.(USD$8.700,000) left in one of the leading security company. He further told him that he deposited this money for foreign invested, and finally, he issued a written instruction to his lawyer whom he said is in possession of all the necessary legal documents to this fund in the security company. For safety reasons, he secured this fund in the vault department of the Security Company as VALUABLES UNINSPECTED as contained in a consignment. I am just 20 years old and a university undergraduate and really don't know what to do. This is because I have suffered a lot of set backs as a result of incessant political crisis here in Ivory coast. The death of my father actually brought sorrow to my life.I am in a sincere desire of your humble assistance in this regards.Your suggestions and ideas will be highly regarded. Now permit me to ask these few questions:-1. Can you honestly help me as your daughter? 2. Can I completely trust you?3. What percentage of the total amount in questionwill be good for you after the money is in youraccount? Please, Consider this and get back to me as soon as possible. Thank you so much. My salaam to your family.My sincere regards,Nawal Kareem
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