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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Very important BUSINESS

From: isoqglwadyssEry -

Hello, it is with a detailed attention that I write to you so that you agree a small time to read me, because it goes there from my interest, and also can gain you large in this business.

My father was a rich person grower of cocoa. To reward it for its braveries the State decorated it and even a purse gave him to still improve its plantation.
My father holds more than 120 ha (hectares) of cocoa plantation. Considering the massive size and the production of cocoa which my father collected, it was associated at a company of the place in order to run out quickly and surely its harvest.
At the time of the crisis which occurred in our country, my father is deceased there as of the first moments (peace with its heart). The company of which it was affiliated in profited to seize its plantation and as if that were not enough, their buildings were dislodged.
The problem is that the platation which this company until exploits this day is the only heritage that my father left me. When I learned that the plantation that exploits this company is mine, I approached the administrators and I explained my problem to them and they decided to help me.
During the legal lawsuits, I have the acquisition of the plantation, but it will be necessary initially that I pay a lump sum of 9000000 Fcfa (approximately 14000 Euros) at the company because my late father had signéun agreement with this company. I had of another choice only to accept this agreement. But until today, I could obtain only 4000000 Fcfa (approximately 6100 Euro) and there remain to me still 5000000 Fcfa (approximately 7621 Euro) to find in order to recover what returns to me from right.
I was visited the plantation and I noted that the cacao-tree were prèt with being to collect, reason for which I come by this note to request your benevolence a help or one supports financial to finish some with this business and to occupy me of harvest.
In the die cocoa there is enough money, I am sure that you do not tighten not disappointed of what you will have in return.
Rather this financial assistance will come, better it will be.

After the recovery of the plantation, the division will be done as follows:
45 percents of ha of the plantation for my financial
5 percents of ha for the administrators
50 percents of ha for me.

for more information, do not hesitate especially to write to me at this address:

Any help will be the welcome

I thank you for your attention.

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