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Saturday, August 18, 2007


From: Williams Moise -

Dear Sir/Madam, I am Mr. Williams Moise, working with the Senegal branch of African Development Bank group as the regional manager. I humbly wish to seek your assistance in a matter that is very important to me which requires utmost urgency and confidentiality. I want to start investing with the sum of Ten Million United States Dollars (10.000.000.Million$) with good economic stability and political climate you may recommend. I shall be interested in real estates, Hotels business. Stocks and bonds or any other business you might recommend in Dubai pending on my arrival in a few months before I finally resign my appointment. I choose Dubai United Arab Emirates because of its tax free policy and the Tourism and Commercial status of Dubai. I am offering you 20% of the total money for your assistance. Seventy five percent 75% for me and five percent 5% shall be used to re-inburse expenses you or I might incure during the transaction. You shall be entitled to an annual forty percent after tax returns for the fist two years of managing my share of the deal in good business there after the terms shall be reviewed. If this is acceptable to you, kindly indicate by sending to me your contact address and direct contact telephone number for further arrangement. This money came up after our bank was burnt down few months ago. A lot of loses were incured both in cash and documentations. Before the fire incidence, We had in cash a foreign exchange amounting to twenty million united state dollars. After the fire accident, the board of the bank summoned me to account for damages. I declared that the foreign exchange was completely burnt. But the truth is that the money is save in my personal custody. For obvious reasons I can not possibly place this found with any established financial institution or spend the money here due to it's serial numbers and this requires me to urgently look for a reliable foreigner to help me move this found out of this country to Europe, Asia or America or any other developed and industrialized country around the world. If you are willing to do this please indicate your interest to contact me via my confidential e-mail address for further discussion ( Best Regards, Mr. Williams Moise.
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