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Saturday, August 18, 2007

hope to hear from you soon

From: Mrs Jamil Mohammed -

Dear Friend Goodday,
Please I am contacting you as I saw your address in Internet while
seaching for a reputable and honest person or firm in Australia,Asia,Europe &
America that i can invest and partnership with,but pardon and forgive me for
this breach of protocol as I do not know how to personally communicate with
I know this letter will come to you as a surprise; but this letter is
borne out of my desire to establish this mutual business relationship with
you,please keep it confidential! I am Mrs.JAMIL MOHAMMED,a wife of late
AFRICA(G.M.A)Who died two years ago after a brief illiness which was suspected to be poision.
He have a deposite of($10,000.000.00 Usd)Ten Million dollars,as personal valuables in a private security company for safe-keeping.
I needed a foreign partner who can assist me get this money out of the
security company to invest the money into a good business of his
choice.For a good assistance in investing the money, I will offer you 30% of the total
fund,and 5% of the total will be set aside to cover any expenses
incurred during this transaction, 65% will be for me and my two children to your country under your supervision.May God
(Allah) bless you for your kindness rendered to me.( i well give you all the document covred this transaction if you are
ready to assist me on this transaction)Please if you are interested to assist me in this transaction,Kindly
send me this
1. Your name in full.
2. Contact address.
3. Marital Status.
4. Area of specialization.
5. Position held in office.
6. Nationality.
7. Tel/fax numbers
For more details information,you can contact me direct through this
I would appreciate confidentiality and honesty in our correspondence.Your
immediate response will be highly wecomed.
Best Regards
Mrs Jamil Mohammed
(For the family