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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Greetings from Mrs Rebecca Johnson

From: robert williams -

Greetings from Mrs. Rebecca Johnson,

Hi dear friend,
How are you? I pray that my letter will meet you in a good health, although it might come as a surprise to you or sound unreal considering the fact that we have not known each other for the first time neither in person nor by correspondent. However I got your contact from my personal search via internet, and after going through your profile I decided to contact you to assist me to carry out this project, as I was pleased with the bit of information I gathered about you which disclosed you as been quite responsible and honest person. I believe that we can work jointly to achieve a great goal if we can truly understand each other. I know that every good relationship starts just a day. First let me formally introduce my self to you. My name is Mrs. Rebecca Johnson, am a British citizen and a mother of two kids and a widow to late Mr. Robert Johnson. My late husband was an independent oil marketer. Am 42 years old, and am diagnosed with a deadly disease (cancer of the breast) my

doctors report proves that I will not last for a long time from now as the sickness has totally injured all my system and it keeps getting worst day after day.


I am contacting you today in order to see if it could be possible for me to work jointly with you in a transaction that requires trust, in order to make use of your contact to achieve my intentions. I want to transfer to your country the sum of (US$ 11.5, 000,000.00) eleven Million five hundred thousand united state dollars only. This money was deposited by my late husband in a bank for investment purposes. Now I want to present you to the bank as the new beneficiary of this fund (US$11.5, 000,000.00) that I inherited from my late husband. Note that this fund has nothing illegal attached to its source so to say that it is perfectly risk free. I cannot travel out of my country now based on the condition of my health and my international passport that was seized by my brother's in-law as a result of the crisis going on in the family. Honestly since after the death of my husband my brother's in-law be came so furious and threatened to get rid of me and my kids for just no reaso
n. Since the death of my beloved husband i have been facing much troubles from my brothers in-law my heart is broken and there's no body to help me and my kids out of their evil operations and I don't know who their next target will be.

But my happiness is that before my husband died he made me the beneficiary of most of his wealth. I inherited most of his wealth as his wife and now they want to deny me what is rightfully belong to me and my children because I am a widow. Therefore I am contacting you to seek for your urgent support and assistant in order to claim those funds from the bank and transfer it to your personal account in your country or any country of your choice without my brother's in-law knowing about it. My present health condition here is very bad and my brother's in-law has forcefully took away from me most of the things i inherited from my late husband. They have sized my international passport to stop me from traveling abroad and that is the main reason why I am contacting you because I don't want them to get hold of this fund. This fund was deposited on September 11th 2005 in a bank in Europe, now I want you to be my family financial manager in the areas of investment. I have all the
legal certificates to present to you as prove of my story. Note For your Assistant and kindhearted you will be entitled to 30% of the total sum as a reword for your kindness and 10% will be set aside for any expenses that we may run into on the process of this transfer while 60% will be used for any good investment that you may suggest for my children. Finally note that your urgent responds will be of great help to achieve this mission in the shortest time. I await your urgent reply via my private email address ( thanks and remain blessed.

Yours sincerely,
Mrs. Rebecca Johnson