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Thursday, September 13, 2007


From: Timothy Kammi -

Good day, How are you and your family? I hope all is well. My names is ( SGT 1ST CLASS ) Timothy Kammi, I am an American soldier serving in the military with the army 3rd Infantry Division troop in Iraq. With a very desperate need for assistance, i have summed up courage to conatct you as i found your information from the international journal address book. I am seeking for your assistance to repatriate a total deposited Cash-Money of US$20million and Alluvial Gold Dust worth of US$9.7million from the finance company to your destination. The money and the gold dust came in place as a result of a well packaged arrangement between me and the son of a well respected Sunni Arab elite from the Imam Ali's family in Najaf, Iraq in person of Abdul Ali who is presently laying on a sick bed waiting for his death. He was affected by bomb explosion at Bagdad as he was driving back to his city, Najaf. It has been confirmed to him by the doctor that he will not survive it after much medication by different doctors and that was why he sent for me as i am a family friend to Imam's Ali family and the best friend to Abdul. He further told me that i should not allow his immediate and extended family members to know about this transaction as no doubt that they ploted the bomb explosion inorder to eliminate him as the only son and inherite all the wealth his father has left behind. It is very sympathetic and that was why i assured him that i will definitely help him by getting a honest and reliable person that will assist us to claim the Cash money from the security company and also provide a buyer for the alluvial Gold Dust as i am not allowed to have such huge amount of money in my name because i am still serving in the military under American government. Below stated information is for the deposited Alluvial Gold dust: COMMODITY---ALLUVIAL GOLD DUST. QUANTITY-----100-875 KG QUALITY------22 KARAT PLUS PRICE--------5,500 US DOLLARS PER KILO PAYMENT------I ACCEPT AT LEAST 10% OUT OF THE TOTAL COST OF THE SUPPLIED MERCHANDISE IN OTHER TO CATER FOR SOME EXPENSES AND TO DEFRAY PART OF THE PRODUCTION COST, AFTER TESTING AND SUBMISSION OF ALL RELIVANT EXPORT DOCUMENTS AT THE POINT OF SHIPPMENT. Finally, he advised me that he want the money to be shared among the Muslim and Christian community as I will update you with more detail upon the receipt of your response because the deposited items has to be redeposited in your name to enable you claim the items from the security company as Abdul's business partner. This transaction should be kept very confidential and i want to assure you that it is 100% risk free as you do not have to exercise any fear. Get back to me via my email for more details and furnish me with your contact details for immedaite proceeds: Timothy Kammi (Sergeant, Us Army)
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