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Thursday, September 13, 2007

A True Partner

From: John Karimu Jnr -

Dear Friend,

This letter may come to you as a surprise because we have not met. The decision to write you is out of a sincere desire to establish a business/mutual relationship with you. I got your contact through the international trade and commerce chamber (ITCC) in United Kingdom.

My name is John Karimu (Jnr), the son of John Karimu (the former Secretary of state for finance) who was killed and mutilated by the Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA). Though, I do not know to what extent you are familiar with events and disturbances in sudan but it has consistent features in the CNN, BBC news bulletins. The pressure of war drove the rest of my family out of sudan into exile in United Kingdom where we have been living under political asylum for the past 3 years.

Sadly, my mother died of cancer 3 months ago and was buried in London. Prior to her death, she gave me a document for a secret deposit that my father made in a bank (destination will be disclosed later for security reason). The deposit was money set apart for government propaganda against the rebel forces. He made the deposit in his name with the hope of converting it to his personal use at the end of the war but was killed as a result of his opposition to the rebel forces when the conflict intensified. I have contacted the bank to confirm the deposit and establish ownership.

Due to the death of my mother and the continued hostility in Sudan, I am soliciting your assistance in transfering the money to your personal account from the current bank. I cannot do it alone due to my present political status and total ignorance of the business world. You will be given a negotiable percentage of the money at the end of the transaction.

John Karimu (Jnr