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Thursday, September 13, 2007


From: julieth -

Dearest one,
I am Julieth Amina Salisu the daughter of former minister of agriculture of the Republic of Cote d'ivoire and also diamond and gold merchant. Honourable YAO Salisu who died in December 4th 2004 in Abidjan town, Cote d'ivoire, as a result of political crisis in Cote d'ivoire.

I am writing you in absolute confidence primarily to seek your assistance to claim of Trunk box worth of Ten million United States Dollars (US$10.000.000) now in a costudy of a security company here in Abidjan Cote D'Ivoire West Africa.The trunk box was deposited as a family valuables for security
reasons.The security company did not know the real contents of the box.

My mother died when she was given birth to me, My late father honourable YAO Salisu is a native of baule town in the easthern province of cote d'ivoire in West Africa,owned a large field of diamond and gold plantation before he became finance minister and later died in the peak of the civil
war,between the rebels force and the goverment.

I want you to help me to claim the trunk box of money from the security company and to make a good arrangement for a joint business investment on our behalf in your country and you will take care of the investement in your country.

I will like you to tell me how much you will take as your percentage for your effort and your assistance over this transaction.

Lastly,I urge you to keep this transaction strictly and confidential.Please write me as soon as you get this letter.
I will be waiting for your reply.
Amina Salisu.

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