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Thursday, September 13, 2007

I await your positive response

From: Mike Kamara -

Greetings , I am a refugee here in Ghana as a result of the Sierra-Leone war that left million dead and disabled. I am Michael Bilora Kamara the only surviving son of a diamond merchant who was killed by rebels, now a refugee in Ghana west Africa. After much atrocities in Sierra-Leone,human right abuses(rape, amputations etc).
while my father was alive, he deposited a total sum of US $3.5 Million with a private security company in Ghana which he wanted them to help him transport Abroad. But unfortunately he has not issued the instruction before he was killed. In the deposit /claim documents, my late father mentioned my name as the next of kin.
Due to my present situation as a refugee in Ghana, I do not have status to own this money, I want you to appoint you as my beneficiary by informing the human right lawyer that Visits us often at the orphanage home where I now reside to legalize a transfer of ownership of the next of Kin to your name so that you can contact the secutiry company with the documents and demand that they sdhould transport the consignment to you in your country. Note that the documents we need for this claim are a copy of the change of ownership from my name to your name, a copy of the deposit certificate- Which I already have and our identification documents. After the claim of the consignment you will help me to come and join you and you will take charge to invest the money while I stay with you as your son until death do us part.I have attached a copy of my Identification. My God Almighty richly bless you. Michael
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