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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Mrs Walim Amina

From: Amina Walim -

Dear Sir/Madam
I am Mrs Walim Amina based in bagdad in iraq .Due to the situation here in in iraq those of us in the business circle are finding it very difficult to cope with the situation here,no stable goverment,bomb explotion at strategic places everytime

and then sometimes people find it very difficult to go about their normal businesses due to fear of being victim of terrorist attack,above all.the crisis in iraq now has made business activities totaly parallised for quite sometime now.for intance,

no good telephone facilities,no adiquate security,infact,all most all the basic infrastructure were destroyed during the recent war in iraq,ever since then .the enveroment in iraq has never been condusive business wise. Please,

why i need your assistance is that i have about (us$ 40.000.000)fourty million united states Dollars in a security company in madrid spain where it was been deposited by my late husband.i inherited the money from my late husband who was a major general in iraqi army in charge of purchase and maintainance in the immediate past regime. My intention is to move the money out from the security company and invest the money in stock market or real estate in your country with the help of an honest person who will work with me as my foreign associate,

i want to invest most of the money abroad to avoid lossing the money, because it is not wise doing business in the atmosphere of fear here in iraqas it has turn to war zone without end,that's why i am calling on you. If you can honestly collaborate with me ,

i am ready to pay you up to 40% of the total amount if you can sincerely assist me to actualise this project soon,because the situation here in iraq is very critical,the everyday bomb explotion seems to have no end. I wait patiently for your urgent response.Best regards. Mrs Walim Amina.
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