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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

From ahman Muzazah

From: ahman muzazah -

From ahman Muzazah.
Dear One,
It is my pleasure to write you about this business investment proposal for our benefit. My name is ahman Muzazah from Darfur, Sudan, I am18 years old.

My Late father was diamond and gold merchant in Darfur, Sudan before his untimely death. He died when he came back from his business trip to Abidjan, Cote d' Ivoire to finalise with the bank where he deposited the sum of $9, 000, 000, 00 US Dollars (Nine Million US Dollars) for investment there to be retransferred to his foreign partner abroad due to unstable political problem then in Cote d' Ivoire.
A week after my late father came back from his trip the rebel troops known as janjaweed in Darfur western region of Sudan invaded our area and unfortunately my family happens to be among the civilian victims affected by the rebel ruthless operation in the area.
My mother died instantly as result of gun shot wounds she sustained. My father died few days later as well (MAY THEIR SOULS REST IN PERFECT PEACE). Before my father died he disclosed to me about the money deposit with my name as next of kin. He instructed me to leave and seek for reliable experience business partner that will assist me invest the money abroad. Because he has already told the bank that the money is now for transfer to his foreign business partner.
Now I am in Cote d' Cote where the money was deposited and have succeeded in locating the Bank here and also confirmed the deposit. They are waiting for information of our foreign partner the money was meant for from me.

Now I am soliciting for your assistance to help me lift this money out from Abidjan to your safe account abroad so that we should invest it in any meaningful lucrative business in your country because this is my only hope in life.

I am willing to offer you 10% of the total fund before investment for your assistance in helping me out of my present predicament.
If you can handle this for me for our good, when replying this mail send your complete name, address, telephone number and occupation.
I await your immediate response.

Yours sincerely.
ahman Muzazah.

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