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Wednesday, October 17, 2007


From: Emmanuel Conteh -

My name is Emmanuel Conteh from Sierra Leone but now in Ghana as a refugee due to the conflict in my country, I got your contact from chambers of commerces and industries, I think that you are a very generous person so I decided to use this chance to know you and also seek your consent. As you may know the most important thing in human being is what is inside of you and how you feel about certain things in life, and I think life as not been fair to me due to how I have gone through pain and hardship after the lost of my family, I know this life from many sides and I am rather hoping that you will make my life meaningful again. I always want to follow the legacy of my late father who was an inspiration to my life little did I know that one day will come I will never see him again as he was murder by the rebels who accused him of embezzlement of funds by insurgency in President Paul Koromah's Government during the conflict in my country, I don't know if you'll answer me or not. But please try because it will be of great joy to hear your positive response.

I need your assistance as a foreign partner who will claim the funds that was deposited by my late father in an escrow account at the (International Commercial Bank) here in Accra Ghana. I am the beneficiary of the said account but am still under age and not up to the age that was stated by my late father before I can claim the funds, like I say your assistance will play an important role in my life should you decide to assist me, I also want you to have it in mind that this is a profitable transaction for the both of us because I am willing to offer you 15% from the total sum for your assistance after worth you will help me invest the rest funds into any lucrative business of your choice. I think we should use every chance we have to find our happiness!! Life is too short to use it only for thinking and dreaming! I always try to act in life but as a refugee it's hard for me but I know with your assistance and faithfulness I will fulfill my dreams in life, I still hope for your reply so that I can furnish you with all information's and documentations covering this transaction.

Best Regards
Emmanuel Conteh.
+233 243 37 40 14
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