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Wednesday, October 17, 2007


From: esther osei -

Dear friend, I know this mail will come to you as a suprise owing to the fact that you dont know me. My name is Esther. I am 29 years old. I was born in London but I currently live in Ghana my home country. My mom left my dad when I was small.Without pretending, I got your contact from the internet.Please I beg of you,I would be grateful if you would be patient enough to read this. As a matter of fact, right now as I am talking to you I am taking refuge within a church premises. The reason being that I lost my dad sometime ago after a protracted illness that finally took his life. He was a business man dealing on alluvial gold.
Before my father's demise, himself and his younger brother had a lingering court case with a gold-minining company based here in Accra Ghana. The company in question discovered gold in a land that belonged to my father's family and refused to pay any royalty to my father and his younger brother. So the family took them to court. The court case lasted 12 years and was finally decided on my father's family's favour. Consequently, the company was asked to pay the royalty that had accumulated for twelve years to the tune of (US$12.8 m) Well my dad had to share the money with his younger brother and some distant relations. On the long run, my father got the sum of US$5.2m as his own share of the money. Well, shortly after that, my father took ill and was hospitalised for months. During this period of his illness my father deposited the money and some other cash all amounting to US$8.7m in a bank account in my name where he was sure it would be safe incase anything happened to him.
As the only child, my daddy wrote a WILL leaving everything for me.This was however without anybody's knowledge except me and his lawyer whom he trusted. Now, after the death of my father, the lawyer betrayed my dad and conived with my uncle to take away everything daddy left behind, cars, business and properties.
The only thing they cannot lay hands on is the money which is at the bank but he is threatening me to hand over that too.But I have blunlty refused because thats all that is left for me in life. Considering the fact that my mother was british and is nowhere to be found, I am currently left with nobody on my side and my uncle is taking advantage of that to treat me as he likes as he realises that I cannot fight him.
Like I said earlier, right now I am taking refuge in a church premises because my uncle has taken over all my father's property. Unfortunately, I cannot make use of the money here in Ghana because of my uncle, so the only option I have is to move out of Ghana as soon as I can make it but this is also difficult for me because I have no one outside to help me.
I know it sounds bizzare but I honestly need your help.My intention is to get the fund moved out of Ghana to a safe place where I can start up a new life.
So I would really be very grateful if you would kindly help me out of this problem so I can have the fund sent out of Ghana in your name then join you as soon as possible.
I have all the documents showing that the fund is legitimately mine. All you have to do is to give me your names so I can have the fund transffered into your name then I will let you contact the bank and ask for the release of the fund into your bank account.
I promise to reward you handsomely with 25% of the total fund at the end of the transaction. I want you to know that it is difficult for me here and desparately needs help. Please I would be grateful if you can do this for me. I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible. Thanks,Esther
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