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Wednesday, October 17, 2007



My dear Partner,
My name is Mr. Jerry Coldswaet. Am sure that my letter will come to you by surprise because we have not met before, but I want you to understand that it takes only a day to know some one either physically or by correspondence. I got your email contact through my personal search through the internet and then I decided to contact you for us to execute a financial transaction that requires trust and confidentiality, which shall benefit you and I at the end. There is a fund inheritance of my client in deposit with a Trusted Financial Institute before he was involved in a plane crash, which took lives of several number of people. This incident took place on the 6th day of December 1997 a huge transport plane, AN124 "Ruslan," crashed into the residential section of Irkutsk.
Now I want you to stand as the next of kin to my late client as I have a very right as his Legal Adviser to will this inheritance to any foreigner as I or anyone related to me cannot claim it as the rightful beneficiary, the funds in question is over $65,000,000.00 (Sixty Five Million United State Dollars Only). This will be claimed and transferred to your nominated bank account as soon as they receive the documents that prove you beneficiary. I will share the money with you 60% to 40% as 40% is for your assistance. This transaction is 100% risk free because none of the diseased relations knows about this money. I will provide you with all the information you will need to know before proceeding. I am given you full assurance that this money will be released to you as long as you give me full cooperation. I will give you more details about the transaction after your positive responds. Please send all your reply through this my private email address
Mr. Jerry Coldswaet

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