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Wednesday, October 17, 2007


From: benjamin aku -

Dear , I am Mr Benjamin Aku, the director in charge of auditing and accounting section of Bank of Africa, Cotonou, Republic of Benin, West Africa, and also a special account officer of Mr. Peter Lund, an European. He was a seasoned contractor with Benin Cement Company, Cotonou, who unfortunately died in a plane crash of Union Transport Africanise Flight Boeing 727 in Cotonou, Republic of Benin on 25th December, 2003.

You will read more stories about the crash on visiting this story/0,1280,-3555201,00.html Before his death on the 25th December 2003, Mr.Lund has a fixed deposit account with the bank and no other person know about this account or have any information relating to this account.

The account has no beneficiary nor did next-of-kin other than him and my investigation reveal that his supposed next-of-kin died along with him in the crash. Since then, I have made several enquiries to locate any of his extended relatives, this has also proved unsuccessful. After several unsuccessful attempts, I decided to contact you.

I'm contacting you to assist in repatriating/receiving the money left behind by Mr. Lund so as not to allow the bank confiscate or declare the funds unserviceable according to Benin Republic financial law. Consequently, I'm seeking your consent to present you as the next-of-kin of the deceased so that the outstanding fixed deposit (US$4.5M) may be paid to you to be shared by both of us in the ratio of 60% to me and 40% for you. I have all necessary legal documents to back up this claim.

All that is required of you is absolute honesty, total commitment, co-operation & absolute confidentiality. Be rest-assured that this transaction will be executed under legitimate arrangement that will protect both parties from breach of the law. If this proposal is acceptable to you, kindly email your following information to me:
1.Your Full Names

2.Your Age/ Sex

3.Your Marital Status

4.Your Occupation

5.Your Mobile Numbers/Fax

6.Your International Passport/Working ID/Driving Lincence.

Thank you for your cooperation until I read from you. You may also reach me at my private mailbox:
Sincerely yours,
Mr Benjamin Aku
+229 93-80-95-18
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