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Wednesday, October 17, 2007



Foreign Operation Dept Tinubu Qsuare Lagos Our ref UBA/TD/0021/07 Attn: Beneficiary. RE: PAYMENT NOTIFICATION OF OLD CONTRACT/INHERITANCE ARREARS. We have the pleasure in informing you of an approval obtained this week from the president and commander in chief of the armed forces Alahaji Umaru Musa Yaradu . The Senate Committee on Contract/Inheritance Payments to pay the entire amount owed and due to you in settlement of fund. We have noted with concern the wrongful withholding of your long overdue payment by a syndicate of corrupt public officers who made several unsuccessful attempts to divert your funds into their corrupt private accounts overseas. This discovery was made recently by a report submitted to my office by the President and the Senate Committee for the Review of Foreign Debts. Based on this approval, we have already credited the entire sum in you favour through our overseas paying bank, Please, kindly reconfirm your details and the Receiving Bank details to confirm with what we have in our records to avoid wrongful diversion. On behalf of the Federal Government of Nigeria, we regret all financial losses you may have incurred in the past as a result of official misconduct and we wish to record here our appreciation for the great patience exhibited by you and members of your company in waiting for this payment.
Congratulations!please contact me in my private E-MAIL; Yours truly,Rev. David WilliamsForeign Operation Dept/Treasury (UBA).
NOTE: That we have made the lodgement of your funds in our overseas correspondence company's account with the HSBC bank in London for onward transfer to you.
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