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Saturday, October 27, 2007

I will Help

From: karen shaw -

HelloMy name is Karen Shaw am 75yrs old of age, i Live in new york city] usa.My Husband is a good merchant, He have several industrial companysand good share in various banks in the world.I spend all my life on investment and co-oporate business. all theway i lost my husband and two beautiful kids in fatal accident thatoccur in november 5th 2003.i am a very greedy woman with all cost i dont know much and care aboutpeople, since when i have an experience of my lovley ones i feltweak.i found it difficult to sleep and give rest. later in the year 2004february i was sent a letter of medical check up, as my personaldoctor testify that i have a lung cancer, which can easily take off mylife soon.i found it uneasy to survive myself, beacuse a lot of investmentcannot be run and manage by me again.i quickly call up a pastor/prophet to give me positive thinking onthis solution, as my adviser.He minister to me to share my property ,wealth, to motherlessbaby/orphanage homes/people that need money for survivor both studentthat need money/ business woman and man for their investment forfuture rising.So therfore i am writing this letter to people who are really needhelp from me both student in college, to contact me urgently. so thati can make available preparation on that.especially women of the day, who are divorced by their husband, whythey cannot survive the mist of feeding their self.please contact meto stop weeping.probably let me know what you really need the money for, and if youcan still help me to distribute money to nearest orphanages homes nearyour am so much with GOD, am now born again.may the lord bless you, as you reach me,please to remind you,dontbelongs to scammers or any act of fraudulent on internet.thanks.I AM A DEAFKaren__________________________________________________
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