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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Inconfidence please

From: Neil Hooper -


It is with pleasure and honour that I am bringing this information to
you and I
hope you will not misconstrue my position. I would not be surprise if
you doubt
what I am about to tell you considering the tales emanating from the Internet
these days. I will greatly appreciate if you spare two minutes of your
time and
go through this email carefully. Can you recollect having any relation called
Robert who shares the SAME LAST NAME (SURNAME) WITH YOU? He used to work with
Sacyr-Vallehermoso SA in Madrid, Spain. His wife and their three children were
killed in the terrorist blast in Madrid, Spain in March, 2004, more detail in

My name is Mr. Neil Hooper, the former credit officer of one of the leading
British Finance Organization (name will be disclosed to you in due
course). The
late Mr. Robert was a client of mine. On Friday 5 March 2004, he made a fixed
deposit for 12 calendar months, with a value of Nine Million Eight Hundred
Thousand United States Dollars Only, in my branch. He also deposited a box
containing some gold jewellery which he claimed were family assets. We could
not complete the documentation and paper work for the deposit because it was
already late on that Friday and as a good client, promised to return in three
days time which was the following Monday to complete the transaction and
finalize terms with us. He flew to Spain that night. It was later we
heard that
he was caught up in the Madrid terrorist blast. He died with his
family members
without completing the scheduled paper work to prove that he has
deposited such
amount of money with my organization. Since then, my organization has made
efforts to locate his next of kin without success and has given up. My
appointment has been terminated due to my ill health. I have been bed ridden
for the past three months due to my failing health. News reaching me has it
that the bank has lost patience with waiting for the next of kin and are about
to invoke the abandoned property acts of 1891 to confiscate the funds
after the
expiration of the mandatory period which will soon come to pass.

I am making this contact to you as either a relative or an individual
with whom
I can work with to get these funds out and establish a long lasting business
relationship with. Since I have been unsuccessful in locating any of his
relatives for over (11) months, I am seeking your consent to submit your name
as the next of kin to the deceased so that the deposited funds can be
transferred to you, we will then share it between the two of us. The advantage
in using you as the next of kin is very clear; Mr. Robert shares the same
Family name with you.

I will give you all the information with which you are to make the application
for the funds. The bank will certainly accept your application as the next of
kin and make payment to you as long as you submit the documents that I will
make available to you. My primary aim is to stop these evil Bank
Directors from
getting the deposit for themselves.

I was a branch manager, I still have my insiders working in my branch, getting
up-to-date information on this venture would not be a problem to us. I need
your honest cooperation, trust and assurance that you will not cheat me out of
the deposit when payment is made to you. The procedures involve are 100% risk
free, we are not breaking the law. It will be executed under a legitimate
arrangement that will protect you and me. Be Inform, that we shall share the
funds in the ratio 60% for me and 35% for you, while 5% should be for expenses
(Your telephone, internet connection fee and Tax as I understand you may need
to pay taxes on the funds when it gets to your country).

Please endeavour to observe utmost discretion in all matters concerning this
issue. I will disclose more information to you as soon as you respond to my
mail or contact me on my confidential and private phone on +44 7040116581.

Kind regards,

Neil Hooper