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Saturday, October 27, 2007


From: isoqpauljajaeresmascom pauljajaeresmascom - iso-8859-1?q?

Dear Friend,

I am Mr Paul Jaja, The Director of Capital International
Bank/Assets management company limited.For more than 15 years now, We
receive and attend to foreign dignatories,top government functionaries and
senior military officers on fund management to invest in a unique blend of
profitable business venture.

These are men who has made a lot of fortunes by virtue of there
command and positions.We also search out for a compentent,reliable and
honest foreign partner to handle this fortunes by way of profit oriented
investment on a percentage sharing between him and the potential investor.
This funds (worth 21.5million dollars) are deposited as reserve for
foreign investment,some of their foreign partners are claiming while some
are still lying unclaimed.

Since inception of the year 2000,the company management changed
procedures of fund claiming,we also discovered some abondoned fund lying
unclaimed for 8 years as a result of the death of the depositors.Nobody will
ever come because the certificate of deposit are never available to any body
except the depositor or me.I have through the instrumentality of
Capital/Assets Management re-deposited all these unclaimed and overstayed
funds into the vault of our corresponding compay in Europe.

I contacted you to assist to claim this funds as I have finalised
arrangement for you to claim this funds containg $21.5million dollars
belonging to Eng.David Kordoonizadeh (deceased) an American citizen.
By virtue of your nationality, you are legally qualified to put claim as
your business partner.

All information and documents to facilitates this claim will be giving
to you.This documents are to be properly kept under your custody as they are
the major ingredients to establish your claim.We have agreed that our ratio
of sharing will be as stated thus; 35 % for you as foreign partner, 60 % for
me and 5% for the settlement of all local and foreign expences incurred
during the course of this business.
I will want you to send to me on your return email the following

1, Your full Name,
2, Your contact Address
3, Your private phone,Mobile and fax numbers for easy communication.
4,Your age and profession.
Upon your positive respond I shall give you confidential phone number
with which we can discuss the execution of this business.


Mr Paul Jaja.

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