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Saturday, October 27, 2007



From the Desk of
Senator David Mark
The Senate President Federal Republic of Nigeria.


This is to bring to your notice that we the members of National House of Assembly in conjunction with the members of Federal Executive Council office of the Presidency Federal Republic of Nigeria, which is the highest decision making body here in Nigeria that we have unanimously agreed and signed into law that all outstanding contract payments, inheritance and accrued interest payments the Federal Government of Nigeria owed to our foreign contractors and next of kin's must be paid through swift ATM CARD. In this payment procedure your funds will be loaded and configured into a swift PAYMENT PREPAID CARD. All the payment instructions on how you will be withdrawing this funds $1000 to $20,000 daily from any Automated Teller Machine (ATM) in any part of the world will be packaged and send to your designated address in your country or you come down to Nigeria by yourself to receive your ATM CARD hand to hand from the office of DR. IBRAHIM DANKWANBO the Accountant General of Federation whom we have appointe
d t

This occurred due to series of reports and complains we have received from our respected foreign contractors and fund beneficiaries that they are unable to pay bank charges, handling charges, cost of transfer (COT) etc they are required to pay by our paying banks before they will receive their funds due to them in their nominated bank account and also to pay for procurement of some clearance certificates like Drug and Money

Laundering certificate Anti Terrorist clearance certificate, IMF international Fund clearance certificate etc they are mandated to procure before they will get clearance from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and United States Department of Homeland security before they can be allowed to receive their payments from the Federal Government of Nigeria.

In view of this your name is short listed among the beneficiaries that will be receiving their entitlement with the Federal Government of Nigeria through the ATM CARD, which we have considered as the best means our foreign contractors and next of kin's will receive their funds without spending much money or going through bureaucratic process.

Therefore for the successful conclusion of this payment and to enable you receive your ATM CARD you are advice to contact DR. IBRAHIM DANKWANBO the Accountant General of the Federation on this upon the receipt of this message today for further instruction on to receive your ATM CARD through his good office. You should not hesitate to forward to him the below stated vital information

1 Phone And Fax Number,……………………………………………..

2 Address Where You Want Them to Send the Card through Diplomatic

Courier Service (P.O box Not


3 The date you will be coming to Nigeria to receive your ATM CARD by


4. Your Full Name And Total Amount You Are Expecting. Instead Of Losing

Your Fund………………………………

In conclusion this instruction supercedes any other order or arrangements you have been previously given or told regarding your payment, therefore it must be strictly observed by you if you wish to receive your entitlement from the Federal Government of Nigeria. You are also advice to stop further communications with impostors, crooks and fraudsters

that have deceived in the past.


Thanks for your co-operation.

Senator David Mark
Senate President federal republic of Nigeria