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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Miss Rosemary Freepong

From: frosemaryyahoocojp -

Dearest One,
Besides being interested in living and investing in your country, i am Rosemary Freepong the daugther of Mr.William Freepong of kenama distrit in serria-leone. My father was killed by his business partiners on a business trip. Following the political crisis in my country, i was forced to live
my country to Abidjan Ivory Coast where my late father deposited the sum of $( (Nine million united state dollars)in a security company here in Abidjan.
The money he made during his time as coco marchants in my country.To be honest with you, this is the only inheritance left for me by my late father which i am with the necessary documents concerning this deposite. Now i have succeeded in locating the security company here in Abidjan 膨ote
d値voire and I am soliciting for your assistance to help me to transfer this money into your country for investments so that we can invest it in any lucrative business in your country because this is my only hope of life.

I have promise to gratify you with 10% of the total sum if you assist me. Awaiting anxiously to hear from you so that we can discuss the modalities of this transaction. Please kindly contact me with the above email address immediately for more discussion.
Thanks for your kind attention.
Most emphatically,
Miss Rosemary Freepong.

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