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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Your kind attention

From: abavanahelpterraes -

Your kind attention,

I came to you with Name of Jesus I am sorry for any inconveniences it might cause you to read this message.I am Mrs.Gift Abavana,the wife of late Hon.Lawrence R.Abavana the former minster of Agriculture Ghana,who died of AIDS virus and I am also tested positive of AIDS virus.we have two children and base on doctors report,I will soon die.

Meanwhile,I am writing to seek your highly esteemed help/consent in a lasting business relationship of mutual benefit involving $15 million usd and 250kg of Gold which my husband deposited as Alluvial dust Gold treasures with a security company for the Adoption,up-keeping, and safe-keeping for my children as they will be coming Over to your country in due course to live and continue there school since my days are numbered according to doctors report.

Secondly After the fund is secured you will invest the money in any business of your choice you deem healthy,also children in commercial estate.

We should treat this confidentially for some security reasons,Please if you are ready to help my children and I, please kindly indicate your interest so that I will tell you the next step to take.I will like you to forward the following bellow;Your Full Name, Occupation and Phone Number.I shall give you more detail about the security company.

Dear sometime i can not be able to pick call if the Doctor is in the hospital you can text me on 0023324-6677-769 email me

Reply to : Best Regard
Mrs. Gift J. Abavana

Ahora tambi n puedes acceder a tu correo Terra desde el m vil.

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