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Sunday, August 19, 2007


From: Ms Lisa Lily -


I sincerely write to seek your co-operation and trust to enable me carry out an urgent transfer in my department. I am Miss Lisa Lily and I work with the OCEANIC BANK PLC, currently I am in charge of bills and exchange at the foreign remittance department of my bank. I was the account officer to Pope John Paul 2 who died on 2 April 2005.

You can view this CNN website for details on the death of Pope John Paul II on the 2nd of April, 2005:-

He left in his domiciliary account the total sum of $25,000,000 (Twenty Five Million Dollars) which he left for the needy and also for the helping of some churches and also feeding of the poor. But unfortunately we have not seen any body to claim the money.

Rev. Fr. James is the only person who knows about this apart from the bank. The management of the bank have planned to embezzle the money since there is no one to claim the money. On this note, I now decided to give you the money so that you can give it to the needy. I will soon proceed for my retirement leave, and I personally do not want this fund to be lost to the bank.

That is why I wanted the fund to be move out of the bank before I proceed on my retirement from the banking services. I have decided that you take all the money and deliver it to the needy and some to churches, am a very good Christian and will not watch the bank embezzle the money belonging to the needy, it is not a good idea and I can t involve my self in that kind of evil plan.

To enable the immediate transfer of the fund into your nominated account, you would have to fill the bank application form for such claim as the next of kin to the deceased. There you will designate your bank account where the money will be remitted. Upon receipt of your mail indicating your interest, I will send to you a copy of the application form and the Account/ Deceased information you would need to fill.

Send your direct Fax and telephone numbers for effective communication that this transaction needs. And also if you help you will get 30% of the money as your reward to your good work.

Please note that you may appear in person if you like, as every thing regarding this project will be strictly handled by a lawyer and every banking documents needed for this transaction will be taken care of by lawyer.

Please try and see that the money lives the bank.

Yours Faithfully,

Ms, Lisa LILY
Oceanic Bank Plc