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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Miss Jovita Tandeh

From: Miss Jovita Tandah -

Miss Jovita Tandeh
Abidjan Cote d'Ivoire
West Africa

Hello Dear,

I am Miss Jovita the legitimate daughter of late Mr Tandah Tagro the
Director of cocoa
export here in Abidjan Cote D'ivoire murdered by the rebelles,
because of the political crisis going on here since four years ago.It
is quite unrealistic sending this message over the internet because of
numerous nefarious activities, hacking and Internat Rats that befall
the world these days; but I apologise for this and would humbly wish
your pardon.

My father had deposited a consignment with a secret security company
here in Abidjan Cote D'ivoire containing the sum of 29m USD (Twenty
ine million dollars USD) To
allow him to conceive a project of investment at the end of his
mandate here,Regrettably the fate decided on it otherwise.Today my
major concern is to move out this consignment outside here.Given that
I am the only child and I have seriously suffered from the rage and
the harassments of the political opponents of my Father.It is in this
prospect that I contact you to please help me to move this heritage
from the security company to your country.
Because of the political war and the hostilities in this country I
seriously wish to leave from here and live the rest of my life in a
more peaceful and politically, stable and quiet country, as It is
what justifies this demand.

I shall voluntarily agree on a good and appropriate percentage of this
money as your compensation for your assistant.I would like to count on
your human, virtuous and professional qualities.

I look forward to recive your urgent reply.

Thanks for your caring.

Yours sincerely

Miss Jovita Tandeh