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Sunday, August 19, 2007


From: john omar -

Phone: +27 736129925


I can't imagine how you will feel receiving a sudden business letter from a remote country in far away South Africa and probably from some one you have not closely related with. But all the same, I believe we do not need to be of blood relatives before we can establish cordial/business relationship. Having said this, I think it is very important at this juncture to introduce myself to you and also disclose to you, how I came in contact with your email address/profile. My name is Mr.JOHN OMAR.I am JOHN OMAR, a son of a Former minister of transport in Liberia Late Mr SOLOMON OMAR . My father was assassinated last two years in the war zone area in Liberia government.

My mother and my younger sister are presently in South Africa, where we were granted political asylum. I inherited the sum of US$29,305(Twenty-Nine million three hundred five thousand, US dollars) from my father, these money has been successfully conveyed to me into South-Africa and was deposited in private security and finance company by
my late father. I have every documents to this fund including my father's last will.

My reason for contacting you is that this country is no longer a safe place for my family investment for the fear of encountering the same experience of my late father in future, based on this point we seek for your assistance as a reliable partner to do this transaction with us Abroad.

I have spent months in trying to get an overseas reliable contact. It is worthy to note that people are unreliable these days and even derive joy in telling lies.
On this ground I request your unreserved but sincere cooperation devoid of greed in carrying out this transaction so that no one amongst both of us shall defraud each other at the end. I am prepared to split at 60%---40% for you, provided that mine (60%) will be intact at the end. Please get back to me via email as a matter of urgency or call me on my private telephone line (+27736129925)

Awaits your cooperation.

Best regards,

Mr John Omar

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