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Sunday, August 19, 2007


From: morare tony -


I am Tony Morare, a Liberian by nationality but presently a refugee in Ghana with my mother. Please I need your help.

My late father deposited some money to a bank here in Ghana, which was confirmed true to me by my father's lawyer. He said my father intended to transfer this money to a foreign country for investment.

According to the documents, I am his next of kin to the $50 Million USD he deposited at the bank since am his only son.

All I need now is for you to be my foreign beneficiary who will help us claim, transfer and invest this money in your country and also get us out of this refugee camp. I will highly appreciate your kindness and be grateful if only my request is granted.

My father also deposited another consignment containing gold dust worth $86 million USD with another diplomatic courier service company. I as the eldest in the family now, I am willing to enter into a partnership contract with you only if you will assist me claim this fund from the security company here by having it remitted to your country or to a safe account after which we shall go into a partnership investment with you.

Upon your response I will give you the security company and the bank manager contact so that he will advice you more on how this deal will commence as we shall forward to you all the necessary document relating to this transaction.

As soon as you receive this message, for more details as it is very important. Email me back

Best Regards,
Tony Morare

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