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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Hello Dear

From: Mike Morgan -

Hello Dear,

I got your contact in course of my enquiry to locate relations of my
Deceased Client Mr Andreas Schranner who came to london to establish
an Oil servicing Company about Eight years ago but unfortunately lost his
life with his family in the plane crash of Concorde Air France Flight AF4590
which took place on 31st July 2000, You can read more stories about the plane crash by visiting the website below,

Since his death with his family, I have made several enquiries to locate any
member of his extended relations so that i can hand them over some of his
vital documents in my custody but to no avail. However,some recent
developments here neccessitated my extending the search in the
internet,hence i contacted you.

In view of the prevailing circumstance I decided to approach you for
possible assistance to enable me retrieve a box my client deposited in a
Security Company here which the certificate of deposit is in my custody. The
content of the box is valued at $25MUSD (Twenty-five Million united states
dollars) excluding the interest it must have accrued since the deposit was

Right now the Security Company in question has declared the deposit as
unserviceable following the deposit agreement he entered with the Security
company which has long expired. The Security Company in question is now
threatening to liquidate the deposit in accordance with the Finance
company's policy and as the Attorney, I have been given two weeks in lieu of
notice to produce the deceased next of kin or have the deposit liquidated to
be returned to the Company's treasury as unclaimed deposit.

Considering the exhaustive efforts I have made to locate the deceased
relation without success, i decided to contact you to seek your consent to
present you as the deceased only surviving relative so that the deposit can
be given to you as the relative next of kin to my deceased client and we can
share the proceeds of this deposit on 45-45 equal split and 10% aside for
any expences that may be made in the course of conclusion.

I have all the necessary legal documents which will substantiate you as the
legitimate next of kin to the deceased as required by the law here. I also
want to use this medium to assure you that this transaction will be executed
without any breach of law to avoid any dent to my reputation and yours as
well.Thanking you in advance and May God bless you. Please, treat with utmost
confidentiality. I await your positive response as i look forward to a
codial business relationship with you.

Mike Morgan.

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