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Sunday, August 19, 2007


From: opara fofoneh -

Barrister Opara Fofoneh
Tele 00228 9215591
No- 6 - Rue De Shato - Lome Togo
West Africa.

Dear Roy Flem

I am sure that the receipt of this mail will be of utmost blessing
to you .However sorry to marvel you a bit and take some of your time in
goingthrough this unpredicted letter of entreaty for your forbearing and

I wish to inform you i was the intimate and entrusted pettifogger of
late Mr G. Flem ,whose life and that of his entire family were lapsedwhile on holidays in a holidays resort in Phuket Thailand on the 26th of December 2004 in the Tsunami natural disaster. My late client was a merchant in hygienic products via West African Coast tro Thailand as an import and export executive.

I have made several probes here to uncover any of my clients
extended/distant relatives, which resulted abortive. After these ineffectual
exertions,I decided to search through, with his genealogical names which persuaded me to interact with you, to locate any member of his lineage therefore reason why i channelled this inquest to you. I have contacted you to facilitate in the fund transmittal of total valued at US$8.5 million (Eight million,Five hundred thousand usd dollars) that was etrusted in this bank by my late client , before it gets expropriate or declared nonfunctionalbe by the bankers here in the country where this huge amount were retained.

The said bank has authorized me with official observations to
provide the next of kin or have his account expropriated within the next fifteen official working days.Becuase i have been unable to make this relationalship linkage contact , i wish to seek your carte blanche to present you as the next of kin to the deceased since you have the ditto pedigree's names, so that this fund can be paid to you.So, on receipt of your positive reaction, we will then determine the sharing quota and modus vivendi of the transfer.I have all the necessary credentials/information and legal documents required to legally equipped your claim.

My demands from you is your sincere willingness and motivated
spirited efforts to enhance the ascendancy of this covenant. I hereby give you warranty that this covenant will be consummated with all total
repute to allstatutory pecking order that will protect you from any fissure of all existing charter.

Please reply asap & get in touch with me through my direct
telephone number (:+228 921-5591 ) LOME TOGO WEST AFRICA ) for more details. Thanks for your imminent co-operation.May his fragile soul rest in perfect peace Amen!

Best regards.

Barrister Opara Fofone.


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L'email della prossima generazione? Puoi averla con la nuova Yahoo! Mail