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Friday, September 21, 2007


From: daniel nando -


Dear Friend,

I am Dr.Daniel Nando. I am a medical doctor in a private hoaspital in Abijan Town ( Ivory Coast W/Africa). I got your email contact through a chamber of commerce website and will like to explain to you about a transfer of consignment which I hope you can assist us and which will benefit both of us.

I have a patient, a Sierra Leonian woman who was on admission for some weeks in my hospital for an ill health. As a matter of fact, one night this woman called my attention and began to tell me her situations, she explained that she had to flee her country with her only son because her late husband a militery officer died in a rebel conflict in his country and since then her husbands immediate younger brother had been threatening to eliminate her and the life of her only son because one Certificate of Deposit.

As a matter of fact, she could not bear it any longer and she manage to flee through a neighbouring country with the certificate of deposite of box, deposited in the security company which was decleared as family valuable and traced in Ivory Coast West/Africa,
she confidently informed me that the content of the deposited box in the Security company was physical cash of $15. million(USD) and that the husband did it in such a way, because the military body have once trailed the account of her late husband in a bank and confiscated all his deposited money. She now requested to seek a honest foreign partiner who will assist in the transfering of the sealed box ( money) out for her, for an investiment as a life time insurance for her and the only son.

I accepted and requested for a proof and she provided the Certificate of Deposit which was clear and legitimate and is in my poccession now. I even made an enquiry from the Security Company here in Ivory Coast and confirmed that such sealed box was deposited on 12th November, 2001

Name of Security Company: Oversea Credit Commission Name of Depositor:Vincent Kamara Item : metallic box Security Code: mam/st/b8/cc/00111 Deposit code: yxz/ccp

I have accepted to assist her and to contact a genuine foriegn partiner who can also consider to help as well. She also promise to give us 40% of the total amount of the money if we assist well,

If you accept to be part of this transaction, please dont hesitate to contact me through this alternative email address ( with your Country of Origin and private phone number

Thank you for your Cooperation. Your sincerely,
Dr. Daniel Nando
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