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Friday, September 21, 2007

Hello My Dear Please urgently

From: miss vivian dikko -

From: Vivian Dikko Emile.
Abidjan, Cote d'ivoire ,

With due respect, trust and humanity, I write this letter to you seeking your help and assistance, though it is difficult since we have not met before In Abidjan regarding your business profile and sincerity, I beleive that you are capable and reliable in handling this urgent international
transaction of this sorft.

I am VIVIAN DIKKO EMILE , The daughter of Professor EMILE BOGA DOUDOU. Former interior minister and a great politician in cote d' ivoire political arena. Because of my father's sincerity, He was killed on the 19th of september 2002 by unknown soldiers inhisresidential house during the coup plot in
cote d' ivoire. See BBC news for more information about my late father's death.(

Before his death he disclose to me about the diplomatic money he deposited in a [security company] containing US$10.5million (Ten million Five hundred thousand dollars) and my name was the next of kin and the original document of deposit is intact. The fear of money not raising eye brows here
in cote d' ivoire I decided to contact you seeking for your help, For you to stand as my late father's business assocaite in the security company, I will give you more information as soon as you hear from you.

I want to assure you that this transaction is 100 % risk free as no other person knows this box and the content of it apart from me and you.
I planned to invest the rest of the money in your country under your guidiance if only you will believe me and be a trust worlthy, some body that I can trust with my life. If you are willing to help me try as much as possible to reach me through the email to enable us proceed in earnest towards
concluding all transaction. dear, bear in mind that my life depend on this fund and I do hope that this money will be safe when finally transfer into your new account. I do hope of establishing a rewarding and good relationship with you and your family after this transaction hoping to hear from
you as soon as possible.

I am 22 years old, single, I am also a christain but I was ment to understand that a woman has no religion untill she is under a man or family. I promised to abide the any religion you and your family are into

I will also like you to tell me if you can come down here so that you will comfirm every thing your self but if you can not come down here, there is no problem, I will give you the contact of the security company for you to contact them and discuss with them on how they will deliever the
consignment to you over there.

Thanks for your co-operation and God bless.
Best regard
Vivian Dikko Emile.

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